Sunday, July 31, 2011

How do I start loosing weight

Well I believe you have to point the fact that you are fat first before you can start loosing the weight.  While I was gaining the weight, I didnt think or belive that I was fat because from time to time I would go play basket ball and I would hang in there with the rest of the guys playing, so I thought I was still in shape, not realizing that I was slowly slipping away from my healthy form.  So now I belive to loose the weight, I have to take it one day at a time.  Most of the people overweight wana loose all their weight in less time it took them to gain it.  It just doesnt work like that. I intend to workout, watch the food I eat, eat smaller portions but more often, stop eating late at night, and drink less alcohol. Yes I say drink less alcohol because I would be fooling myself if I say I would stop drinking alcohol period. Maybe as time goes on I might stop drinking alcohol but for now I intend to take my goal of loosing weight slowly but consistently.  So I will definetly keep an everyday blog of my progress. I will also be posting videos and pictures to get my progress recorded.  So I would appreciate any comments from others in the same predicament as me.

Trying to recall when I started gaining weight

I believe, I started putting on weight around age 26.  I was working 2 jobs, didnt have time to go to the gym no more.  I was not watching what i ate anymore. I had no time for basketball no more.  I would eat alot of fast food and then on the weekends I would go to the clubs and eat really late.  I had no motivation to work out any longer.  I drank alot because of the stress at work.  So rather than go to the gym and work out, I would go get a bottle or go to the bar and drink my stress away.  Then I would eat later to cure the hangover.  And I tell you gaining weight is so easy.  At the time I thought I would  easily loose it eventually once I had made enough money at work but it just got harder and harder to loose and each time I tryed to loose it, I would simply slip back to my bad eating habbits all over again and stop working out.

How did I get here?

People who are not overweight dont understand what it feels like to carry so much weight. Just imagine if you weigh about 150 pounds (68kg) and you were made to carry another human being who weighs as much as you.  I am 6foot 4inches and I have been told that my ideal weight should be around 215-220pounds (97-99kg) but at the moment I weigh about 360pounds (163kg).  I am 140pounds overweight. Being overweight is not cool at all.  I mean the simple chores of life like cleaning, walking to the bus stop or walking up the steps seem so difficult.  Even getting out of bed most times is so hard.  When you are traveling by plane, you cant just sit anywhere or sit beside just anybody.  You occupy so much space and this can be very embarassing.
It makes you so lazy. I know I have to clean my apartment but I just cant bend down like a normal size person and get the job done.  Sometimes I dont clean because it hurts my back or knees when I have so much movement. 
And it really makes you loose your self confidence.  You dont want to take your shirt off infront of other people because of the way your body looks.  You only wear certain kinds of clothes.  You cant just go shopping at the regular clothing stores.  And offcourse there is the constant stares from people. And the sex is not fun for us fat guys I can tell you.  I mean I love sex like the next guy but the energy is not there most times.   
I was never this over weight.  I keep asking myself how I just let my self go like this.  I look back and try to figure out what happened?
At age 22, I was in very good shape.  I was very active and I was even thinking about becoming a personal trainer at ballys fitness club.  I mean I trained 4 or even 5 times a week. I watched my diet and stayed very active.  I played basketball regularly and even joined a semi pro football team.  So seeing  myself this way today really baffles me.