Monday, August 8, 2011

Its in all of us

The will to change and make a difference is within us all. We tend to surpress it and shove it to the back beacause we are lazy and want things to happen quickly and easily.  Well its not that easy to will things your way.  Its takes alot of patience and i belive most especially discipline.  Now I have got patience, but I lack discipline.  I think the lack of discipline is caused by my shear laziness.  For example, It takes discipline to wash your dish immediately after eating rather than letting the dishes pile up in the sink.  All because I have too many plates and feel that I can simply grab another dish to serve myself while the pile in the sink waits.  Later on I create a mountain of a pile of dishes and that creates uneccessary work for me.  so people, let us try to work on being less lazy and in turn being more disciplined and I belive that will bring about the change we seek in our lives.....

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